Wendy Schmiedeler

Welcome to the English home page. For more information on the English department, please contact our department chair - Wendy Schmiedeler at wendy.schmiedeler@ignatius.org or by phone at 312.432.8354. For a complete faculty and staff contact list, please visit our Contact Info page.

Schmiedeler, Wendy Department Head wendy.schmiedeler@ignatius.org 312.432.8354
Blair, Tracy Teacher tracy.blair@ignatius.org
Carlson, Rachel Teacher rachel.carlson@ignatius.org
Delaney, Jane Teacher jane.delaney@ignatius.org
Doherty, Megan Teacher megan.doherty@ignatius.org
Ernst, Ed Teacher edward.ernst@ignatius.org
Hasebroock, Abby Teacher abby.hasebroock@ignatius.org
Hatem, Chris Teacher chris.hatem@ignatius.org
Hoarty, John Teacher john.hoarty@ignatius.org
King, Ayanna Teacher ayanna.king@ignatius.org
McKenna, Thomas Teacher thomas.mckenna@ignatius.org
Straka, Douglas Teacher douglas.straka@ignatius.org
Turkowski, Rachel Teacher rachel.turkowski@ignatius.org
Vermylen, Michael Teacher michael.vermylen@ignatius.org