The challenge of freshman year is making a smooth transition into Saint Ignatius College Prep. Freshmen face new expectations and multiple opportunities for extracurricular involvement. This is the year to establish a strong academic foundation, get involved in extracurricular and co-curricular activities and begin to identify their true passions. Students should strive for academic excellence while also seeking out leadership and service opportunities that will enable them to develop their interests and promote personal growth. Utilize your Naviance Student/X2VOL portal to log volunteer hours and research colleges. There are also several skill inventory tools available through Naviance Student.

Freshmen receive exposure to testing through a practice ACT exam in the Spring. The results are used in-house to improve curriculum.

A College Counseling timeline for Freshmen can be found here.

Students are encouraged to participate in summer enrichment programs. General information on a broad range of summer programs for grades nine through twelve is available here. Students are also encouraged to get involved in volunteer activities and community service.