Just as the cost of tuition has expanded, so has the need for financial aid. With the addition of the net price calculators that each institution is required to have on their websites, families can use their financials to get a sense of the total cost for each institution. The results can be surprising as some institutions have large endowments, that can put together very generous financial aid packages. The College Counseling office hosts a Financial Aid night early in the school year, to assist families who are beginning the college process. Our counselors are there for you to have candid conversations about the rising cost of college and how to combat it within the application process.

There are many resources on the internet to locate potential scholarships. The earlier a student begins this quest, the more likely they will find and be awarded a scholarship. There are many scholarships that are available for all students in high school. The College Counseling Office maintains a database in our Family Connection website of local scholarships that notify us of their scholarships. Another important place to look, is the employer of parents, grandparents or relatives. Some companies have scholarship opportunities for family members.

The following is a list of scholarship aggregators. You will need to create an account and complete a profile to receive customized listings of scholarships that fit your criteria.