Sharon Byrne

Welcome to the Student Guidance home page. For more information on the Student Guidance department, please contact our department chair - Sharon Byrne at or by phone at 312.432.8330. For a complete faculty and staff contact list, please visit our Contact Info page.

Byrne, Sharon Guidance Director 312.432.8330
Bouey, Andre Counselor 312.432.8328
Carney, Roy Counselor 312.432.8326
McNellis, Ann Counselor 312.432.8329
Novak, Eileen Counselor 312.432.8358
Shannon, Elizabeth Counselor 312.432.8325
Witon, Pawel Intern

Guidance is the process of helping individuals achieve the self-understanding and self-direction necessary so she or he can live up to his/her God-given potential as a student in a Jesuit, Catholic school, as a member of a family, and as a member of the community. In addition, because Saint Ignatius is a Catholic school, the counselors provide each student every opportunity to grow in love and maturity in Christ.

Student Assignments

Each student is assigned to a counselor upon entering Saint Ignatius.

Counselor-Student Relationship

Counselors seek to develop a caring relationship with each student. This relationship helps to promote a spirit of encouragement, understanding, acceptance, and trust.

Counselor-Parent Relationship

In order to understand each student, it is helpful to understand his/her family. Communication from home can foster a mutually helpful and supportive climate for the young adult. Parents are free to call their child's counselor any school day.

Counselor-Teacher Relationship

The counselors work closely with the teachers. Without violating confidentiality, the counselor serves as the student's advocate to help enhance the learning process and student-teacher relationships.

Counseling Process

Individual and group counseling interventions are used. Regardless of the particular type of counseling, the goal is to promote student growth toward becoming a self-motivated, Christ-centered, young adult.

Guidance Department Programs/Offerings

Summer Enrichment Programs Click Here

Summer Study Skills Workshops for incoming freshmen
Freshmen orientation including a welcome program and a senior Arrupe mentor
Substance Abuse Prevention, including: Freshmen Parent and Student Night, Sophomore Parent and Student Night dealing with adolescent issues, and the Crash program for DUI Prevention (for seniors).
A semester exam test preparation guide for freshmen and sophomores
Leadership training for seniors through our Arrupe Mentor program
Extended time semester exams for any student with a documented need for this service
Extended time College Board and ACT exams for any student with a documented need for this service per approval by the College Board or ACT.
A tutor referral list and peer tutoring
Goal setting---academic, spiritual, extracurricular, social and service correlating with our “Grad at Grad” goals
Academic counseling during the registration process
The opportunity to make friends and develop leadership skills in Students Against Destructive Decisions (S.A.D.D.)