Welcome Class of 2022!



We look forward to your start at Saint Ignatius College Prep this August. Here you will find news and updates pertinent to incoming freshmen, including information on summer programs, frequently asked questions, and more. 


Freshman Family Meeting Booklet

Summer School and Athletic Camp Catalog

Summer Programs Registration 

Message from the School Nurse Regarding Health Exam Information


Class of 2022 FAQs


Q. How do I choose my freshman year classes?

Your freshman course schedule was determined in part by the courses selected at your spring Freshman Family Meeting. Math, science, and foreign language placement are determined by the outcome of placement testing, if pursued. If you have questions regarding your course schedule or selections, please contact the Admissions Office.


Q. When will I receive results from the Math or Language Qualifying exams?

Placement notifications were emailed in late April. 


Q. When will I hear about my Fine Arts audition or portfolio submission?

Placement notifications will be emailed to parents in mid-May.


Q. When are student schedules released?

Schedules will be posted in mid July via Plus Portals.


Q. How do I activate my Saint Ignatius email address and Plus Portals account?

Please refer to the yellow instruction sheet included in you Freshman Family Meeting folder.


Q. When are health forms due?

Health forms are due on July 1, 2018. Return all completed forms to the Deans’ Office.  Please do not submit the freshman medical forms to the athletic department or coach. If you have any questions or concerns about this information, please contact Margie Balogh, School Nurse, at margie.balogh@ignatius.org or 312-432-8331. All medical forms must be returned to the:  

Deans’ Office/ATTN: Nurse
Saint Ignatius College Prep
1076 W. Roosevelt Road
Chicago, IL 60608-1594

Q. What type of iPad is required?

Every student will need to bring an iPad to school. Each student must purchase her/his own iPad. If a student already owns an iPad, he/she may use that device as long as it meets the minimum recommended specifications. These recommended specifications are as follows:

  • iPad 4th generation or newer; iPad mini or iPad Pro 12.9” is also acceptable (The iPad should be capable of running the current operating system, iOS 11 and up.)

  • Wi-Fi only

  • Appropriate storage for school and personal materials (A minimum of 64 GB is recommended for academic purposes.)

  • Appropriate protective case

  • Apple Care Plus and Warranty

  • More information can be found at https://sites.google.com/a/ignatius.org/sicp-ipad-program/home


Q. Will I receive a booklist?
Digital textbook and app information will be provided with the students schedules in mid-July.


Q. What school supplies does a freshman need?

All freshmen must have an iPad. Saint Ignatius does not issue a supply list.


Q. Can students earn service hours towards the Freshmen service requirement in the summer?

No, freshman need to wait until after the Freshman Day of Service (October 10, 2018) to start logging service hours.


Q. Does Saint Ignatius offer summer school for incoming freshman?

Yes. Saint Ignatius offers a wide range of summer classes and athletic camps. Please click here for more information.


Q. When do fall sports tryouts begin?

Fall sports begin a few days prior to the start of school. Football and boys’ and girls’ golf will start on Monday, August 6, with the rest of the fall sport tryouts to begin on Wednesday, August 8. Please keep these dates in mind for vacation planning if your son or daughter is looking to try out for a fall sport. Student-athletes must be at all tryout activities to be considered for possible team selection.  Further information on fall athletic tryouts will be posted on the home page of our school website sometime mid-summer.


Q. Is there required summer reading?

There is no summer reading. However, all incoming freshman must complete the summer Schoology technology course.