The graduates of Saint Ignatius College Prep will be able: 

To listen, read, write and speak effectively for a variety of purposes. 

To know, comprehend, apply, analyze, synthesize and evaluate the significant content from the domains of the humanities and sciences. 

To make choices for and demonstrate movement toward an ethical life of reflection and service rooted in prayer, reason and the knowledge of the Catholic tradition. 

To use technology ethically, effectively and efficiently for research, problem solving and communication. 

To verbalize and practice habits of health which nurture the human body and create respect for it as God's gift. 

To demonstrate knowledge of their personal needs and an appreciation of their God given gifts: personality, intelligence, body, emotions, sexuality, and spirit. 

To articulate, understand, value and respect differences among people based on age, gender, race, culture, religion, talent, and socio-economic status. 

To interact and work with individuals and groups respectfully, courteously and compassionately. 

To demonstrate skills of social analysis that lead to concrete action for the building of a just society and to respond with compassion to people in need by direct and indirect service to the school, local, national and global communities. 

To engage in creative expressions and demonstrate an appreciation and sensitivity to the creative expressions of others. 

To direct their own learning by using their experiences and reflections to lead to appropriate action.