Tuition Assistance

Saint Ignatius has a program of tuition assistance with several different types of aid. Tuition Assistance may be offered to students in need. Families complete the necessary forms for review by the Committee. It is the policy of Saint Ignatius not to grant any aid for a period longer than one year. Applications must be made annually. The forms are made available February 1.  Forms can be found below or on the school website, under Quick Links > Forms and Documents. No application can be considered unless the student applicant is registered for the coming school year. Students may be eligible for any of the following forms of assistance during a given year.

  • Alumni Grants – These are direct credits to tuition
  • Work Opportunity for Students - This program allows students to earn tuition credit by doing various jobs for the school during the regular school year or summer. A maximum of $650 may be earned toward tuition in this program. Work opportunity is not offered to freshmen.

Tuition Assistance Information

Tuition Assistance Work Opportunity

Tuition Assistance Brochure

William C. Clarke Endowment

Tuition Assistance FAQ

Coordination with Tuition Assistance 

The Tuition Assistance Committee notifies families of the grant they will receive for the coming academic year. The Treasurer’s Office posts 1/10th of the grant to the tuition account each month, August through March. The balance is due from the family on the due date, per tuition policies.