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Ignatian Adult Formation Program

A program designed to provide on-going formation in Ignatian Spirituality in order to facilitate ownership of the Ignatian vision both personally and professionally.

“We offer Ignatian spirituality as a specific gift to animate the ministry of the laity. This apostolic spirituality respects the unique spirituality of the individual, and adapts itself to present needs; it helps persons to discern their call ‘in all things to love and serve God.’”

Why Ignatian Formation?

  • To foster the companionship called for in GC34 between Jesuits and lay adults in our community. “Perhaps most important, we (Jesuits) join with them in companionship; serving together, learning from and responding to each other’s concerns and initiatives, and dialoguing with one another on apostolic objectives.”
  • To encourage the apostolic priority of the service of faith and the promotion of justice with a preferential love of the poor. “As persons whose lives are centered on loving and serving God in all things, we (Jesuits) should help others recognize and discern the apostolic possibilities of their lives and work.”
  • To minister to each member of the SICP community and their spiritual growth (cura personalis)
  • To empower adult members of the community to assume responsibility of the Ignatian and Catholic mission.
    (All quotes from GC 34, Decree 13)

The Four-Year Program

The First Year

The goal of the first year adult program is to introduce you to the following areas of Jesuit spirituality and Ignatian formation:

  • The Mission Statement of Saint Ignatius College Prep
  • The Grad at Grad
  • The Life of Saint Ignatius
  • The Spiritual Exercises
  • The Examen
  • Ignatian Values Days
  • Retreats at Saint Ignatius College Prep
  • Introduction to Service
  • The Architecture and History of Holy Family Church
  • The History of Saint Ignatius College Prep
  • What Makes a Jesuit School Jesuit?
  • Introduction to Catholic Liturgy
  • Jesuit vocabulary
  • Contemplative Prayer
  • Ignatian Themes Workshop (summer following the first year)

“The goal of our life is to live with God forever…” -- Ignatius of Loyola

The Second Year

The goal of the second year adult program is to complete the Ignatian foundation begun in the first year, including work in the following key Jesuit areas:

  • Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm
  • Academic Portfolio
  • Theology of Service
  • Service in Jesuit Education
  • Contemplative Prayer
  • Preparation for the Spiritual Exercises
  • Periodic reflections on the Examen

The Third Year

The goal of the third year adult program is to invite all faculty and staff to experience the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius. Building on the foundation of your first two years, you will be paired with a spiritual director for the nine-month spiritual journey. The key component this year is the 19th Annotation Retreat, a form of the Spiritual Exercises in everyday life. For some faculty and staff for whom the third year is not the optimal time to undertake this retreat with its significant commitment, this year will be preparation for making the Spiritual Exercises in the fourth year. These faculty and staff will spend the third year practicing prayer habits, including the daily Examen, and meeting with a spiritual director each month.

“By accepting the invitation of St. Ignatius of Loyola to labor beneath the banner of Christ for the good of others, Jesuit schools effectively promote Jesus Christ’s justice and love for all people.” --Jesuit Conference, 2000

The Fourth Year

The goal of the fourth year adult program is to provide an opportunity for reflection on the whole Ignatian formation experience of the first three years, especially the experience of the Spiritual Exercises, and allowing the fruits of the Exercises to unfold and be integrated into your life. You will individually choose how you will respond to the call of companionship with Christ invited in the Exercises, both personally and professionally, by making a plan for prayer and action for the fourth year. Some possibilities include meeting with a spiritual director regularly; going on a retreat; regularly meeting with a small prayer group; developing an Ignatian capstone project, a cumulative project that somehow contributes to the Jesuit mission of the school; engaging in service opportunities with your students, athletes, or on your own; leading a student retreat; integrating prayer more intentionally into the classroom or coaching; and reading and discussing a book about Ignatian spirituality with a book partner or group.

If you have any questions about the SICP Ignatian Formation Program, please call Chuck Thompson at Ext. 594 or e-mail at chuck.thompson@ignatius.org.